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Last but not least

Maggie and Rick (Grandma and facility manager)

Maggie and Rick enjoy the warm weather of Florida in the winter but are back all summer long to help take care of the Ren Dogs facility.

& Miriam



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We won the Downeast dog News reader poll for the best doggie daycare/boarding center in maine for the 5th time!!! Thank you for voting for us!!

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About Us

Renaissance Dogs was founded in September of 2006 after several years of searching for the perfect location. The owner, Rebecca Henderson, had been working the canine field for several years and started noticing a trend in kenneling and daycare: dogs were increasingly "warehoused' in small enclosures and were not allowed to be together in social settings. She knew that Bangor needed an alternative to the "traditional" kennel environment. The Bangor area needed a Renaissance in dog care. Renaissance Dogs was born.

Owner: Rebecca Henderson (Above) is owned by 4 dogs: Finch, Keeper, May-Bee and LB. Rebecca is a member of the  Penobscot Valley Kennel Club, Eastern Maine Agility Club, Agility Club of Central Maine, and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.


​Manager: Shawna (Right) joined Ren Dogs in 2012. She has been responsible for the weekend and evening care of our canine friends. Shawna continuously strives to learn new things and has proven to be a valuable part of Ren Dogs. She lives with her dogs, Cairo, Gamble,  Xander, Lynley and Sydney.

Maine Kennel License: F839

Renaissance Dogs

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