Thank you for your interest in making your dog a Renaissance Dog! Daycare is a great option for canine socialization and exercise, and a wonderful alternative to being left home alone for extended periods of time.

​We are different because we are a cage-free facility, so our dogs are free to play all day in supervised groups.  

Renaissance Dogs has an integration process for new dogs. After you submit a daycare application and vaccination records, we will schedule your dog’s first four visits. The first visit is a two-hour evaluation. The following three visits are full daycare days. These four visits all take place on the same day of the week; whichever day of the week that we interview your dog will be their assigned day during this introductory process.

How can my dog become a Renaissance Dog?

Step 1: Complete and submit a daycare application, and a current copy of vaccination records showing proof of rabies, distemper, and bordatella (kennel cough.) Dogs older than 7 months are required to be spayed/neutered. We require the paperwork before scheduling an interview so we can learn about your dog, ask any questions, and determine a suitable interview time.

Step 2: Schedule an interview. Interviews can be scheduled Monday - Friday with drop off times at 11 AM or 1 PM. Your dog will stay with us for two hours. This allows time to acclimate to the surroundings and meet several types of dogs. Consider your schedule when setting up an interview – new dogs are asked to attend 3 full days of daycare on the same day of the week as their interview while we get to know them.

Step 3: Schedule your first three days of daycare. While we learn about your dog, we need to see them on a consistent basis. By scheduling them on the same day of the week for several weeks, your dog will get to meet a similar group of dogs multiple times, helping them establish friendships and gain confidence. We do not schedule more than 1 day a week for the first 3 full days because we find that coming too often too soon causes stress. Dogs need time to adjust to being away from home. Once a week keeps the experience positive and gives them time to miss daycare. You should come at least once every 2 weeks during these first 3 days, so that you do not lose the progress.

Step 4: Congratulations, you’re a Renaissance Dog! We appreciate your patience as we get to know your dog. After the interview and 3 full days, your dog is eligible to change or add daycare days, buy a prepaid package, and board with us. Boarding is not available until this time. We want your dogs to love coming here, and boarding before that time can be excessively stressful. For extended stays, we may require a trial night. To remain eligible for boarding we like to see your dog once a month.

***NOTE: Dogs are allowed to attend daycare a maximum of 3 days a week. Boarding dogs will be given a rest day after 3 days of daycare\boarding.


Pay daily: $30 per day for 1 dog

$50 for 2 dogs

$75 for 3 dogs

$100 for 4 dogs

Packages of 10 days (expires 6 months after purchase)

1 Dog $280

Multiple dogs $250

Want to make your dog a Renaissance Dog?

The application is available in person, by calling us to have one mailed, or by printing it from the link above.​

Daycare information

Maine Kennel License: F839

What to expect after daycare


Renaissance Dogs

127 Main Rd, Holden ME 04429


Daycare is a whole new world for most dogs, so you may notice that your dog is acting differently when they first start. Here are some things you can expect to see in a new daycare dog:

SORE PADS - Running around may be rough on your dog’s feet, and they may get sore and abraded pads. This will fade as their pads get thicker and used to running on different surfaces.

SORE MUSCLES - Your dog will be having so much fun playing that they may forget to pace themselves and get sore muscles. Over time this will lessen as you see them get stronger and more in shape.

EXHAUSTED - The new social interaction your dog will encounter while being at Renaissance Dogs will be both physically and mentally exhausting. Your dog will need a lot of rest when they get home.

ENTHUSIASM - Your dog's enthusiasm to enter the group will grow as they get more used to being at daycare. Eventually they will be just as excited to get to daycare as they are when you pick them up at night.

WET COAT - Your dog's coat may be wet when you pick them up during the summer – on hot summer days they may have been lounging in the pools. Not to worry, the water is changed very frequently to keep them clean and healthy.

HAPPY DOGS - Their tail will be wagging and you may even see a smile on their face. It’s their way of saying “THANKS” for bringing them to Renaissance Dogs.

Daycare Hours

Big Dogs

Monday - Friday

7:30 AM - 11:00 AM &

3:00 PM -  5:30 PM

7:30 AM - 11:00 AM &

3:00 PM -  5:30 PM


Saturday & Sunday

drop off:8-9am

pick up: 5-6 pm