Renaissance Dogs Facility Rules

COVID/SICK PERSONS:  Please stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms of coronavirus or flu. If you or someone in your household has been exposed to the coronavirus, please stay home. If you have been asked to quarantine due to exposure to coronavirus, please stay home. Please help to keep our facility, instructor and classes healthy and safe. Contact the instructor for more information on make-up classes.

AGGRESSIVE DOGS: To foster a safe environment, aggressive dogs that are not controlled or controllable will be asked to leave premises at the sole discretion of Renaissance Dogs, Inc management and associated instructors. If a Participant’s dog tends to be aggressive, he/she is responsible for notifying others and taking all prudent steps to prevent an incident, including voluntarily leaving the premises.

DOGS ON LEASH: All dogs must remain on leash when on the premises or within the adjoining parking area, unless working within a designated training or showing area

DOG EXERCISE AREA: Dogs are to be exercised in the fenced in area surrounding the building or in the parking lot area. No one is allowed in the training field unless accompanied by the trainer.

PICKING UP WASTE: Owners must pick up after their dogs (an outdoor waste can, a scoop, poop bags are available). Failure to do so jeopardizes Renaissance Dogs, Inc’s ability to continue conducting business, so violators will be asked to leave the premises. Do not allow dogs to pee on anything man made including the building, fencing, or decking.

DOG HEALTH: To provide a safe environment, dogs brought on the premises must be healthy and current in their vaccinations. Upon request owners must willing to provide Renaissance Dogs, Inc with proof of current vaccinations or titer test.

DEPENDENTS: Anyone aged 8-17 participating in an class must have a parent or responsible adult in attendance at all times. Patrons who do not supervise the children in their care or who fail to observe these policies will be asked to leave the premises. If your children or dependents tend to pose a risk to themselves or others, or if their behavior is distracting to others and their dogs, do not bring them to Renaissance Dogs, Inc or the adjacent parking area.

NO SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed on the property. It is bad for the dogs and not good for you either.

Saturday Classes

We are pleased to welcome Nicole Ireland from

Gentle Canine Fitness and Training to our facility. or

Nicole will be offering a variety of classes including agility and private lessons at our facility. Sign up directly with the trainer at her website or via email Contact Nicole at (207) 631-7686

127 Main Rd, Holden ME 04429


Renaissance Dogs

Maine Kennel License: F839